March Book Reviews

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  • March 8, 2016

Sing Fox To Me by Sarah Kanake is an engrossing read, which I read in one sitting. It’s a tumultuous story of lost and broken characters searching for others and themselves. Twin teenage boys are abandoned by their father to live on a remote Tasmanian mountain with their almost-hermit grandfather. Jonah wants to break free from his twin Samson who has down syndrome, and Samson just wants things to make sense. Both go beyond the limits of the house on the mountain – one to discover love and delight and the other to turn desperate and brutal. All the while their grandfather grieves for his lost daughter, and hopes for a fleeting glance of a Tasmanian tiger. This is a story in which memory is overlaid with the present, and characters do the best and worst. The setting of the mountain makes for both an immense and confined space and the ever-present feeling of something sinister.

A compelling and well-crafted story sure to hold your attention.

Review by Alice.